Wednesday, July 24, 2013

US to EUROPE by Air by Laurent Durieux Framed by Corey @ Furthur Frames

Here you go
Hi everyone. I am doing a raffle here for Sophie. The prize of the raffle is a brilliant copy of Laurent's US to Europe by Air, framed by the one and only Peacedog!! 
This frame uses a brand new striated fabric prefab top mat, a band of pastel orange, and a black wooden fillet, finished with a 1 1/4" smooth black curved frame. Conservation Clear 99%UV glass, archival mats and backing.
Justin Cirelli will be acting as the neutral party for this, collecting and dispersing the funds and assigning people raffle ticket numbers. Each ticket for the raffle is 12.00 dollars. The extra two dollars is to handle paypal fees, please do not gift this, paypal is starting to see the raffles and is wise to this now.
P....L $12 per to to cover fees etc, buy as many as you like, post underneath that you have paid. (sorry US residence only, to limit the shipping hassles) Justin will keep track of the paypal payments and assign record of payment and raffle ticket numbers to the master spreadsheet. This sheet is viewable by all here:

$600 will cover framing shipping etc, all further proceeds will go directly to Sophie. Lets all pitch in and make this happen! Hopefully we can get to 110 at least, thx
For this who do not know, Sophie is Mo's daughter (of Lastleaf printing) who is winning her battle with cancer. Her story is chronicled by her father and family here:
Thanks everyone!

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