Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Senator's Daughter by Daniel Danger

here is the newest offering from talent artist Daniel Danger, called The Senator's Daughter, but it looks like you need to be Austin at SXSW to pick up only, no site sales as per his mail

for the next week ill be down in austin TX showing at SXSW as part of the Flatstock poster show. thursday through saturday, noon to six i believe, in the convention center at the heart of it all. its free, so just walk on in and prepare to have your eyes explode from the intense visual eye-love you will receive.  i made a print specifically for the show, its of the driskill hotel in austin, known as “the most haunted building in texas”. this particular hotel has a seemingly endless supply of ghost stories coming out of it, but i chose to focus on one in particular. sort of a visual sequel to the print i did 2 years back for austin. what sells at the show sells, not holding any back for online. so come on down.

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