Saturday, February 6, 2010

Alice in Chains gigposter by Brad Klausen

First things first, when you go to the site on  Saturday Feb. 6th at 11 AM PST,
make sure you login first before adding any posters to your cart.
If you login in first, this guarantees that whatever posters you add to
your cart will remain there until you check out or remove them. That
means once they are in your cart, they will stay there even if you don't
checkout that day.

So, make sure you LOGIN FIRST before you do anything on the site on
sale days.

On sale days, the site is closed until the specified time of the sale, meaning
no one will be able to enter the site until that time... you will just see
the logo and not be able to enter the site. 

14 1/4" x 24", 6 colors, signed and numbered $25.00 plus shipping

One poster up for sale, plain and simple! Lots of stuff lined up for 2010... the
next few months alone are pretty packed with deadlines...

I hope you are all doing well!

be seeing you...


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